My first oil painting was made when I was in grade 5.  Mother forced me to join summer art classes so I wouldn't waste summer away playing all day on the roads, in the sewers and on the mountains.  I hated the idea of going to school during summer but I got hooked after the first day.  I enrolled the next two summers and taught younger kids the following two summers.

Those summer art classes sponsored by our mining camp's administration were my only formal art training.  Practice during college were confined to posters and greeting cards for our school organization.  I only read and studied art independently during college and onward through our school library and borrowed books.

Original painting "Philex Mines Market Area and Villages"
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Colors grab me and fire up my days, thus I find heroes in Cezanne and Van Gogh.  Lines and handwriting are a pain for my heavy, impatient and unstable hands.  It is only recently that I am able to afford paint and canvas so my hands are doing its best to catch up with my mind.

Painting above is by Vincent Van Gogh.
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