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Paintings for sale and commission.  
Email me at if interested.  

Click to read blog entries on individual paintings HERE.

Sakura Mayon. 11.5 x 15"

Mayon at Night. 12" x 12". 

Baguio-Benguet Morning Mountains and Flowers. 20"x24".

Mayon and Fishermen. 8" x 10".  Acrylic on canvas

John Hay Baguio.  31" x 41".  Acrylic on canvas.  Commissioned.

Fishes. 26" x 30"

A Clump of Bamboos. 36" x 24".  More info.

Courtyard Ruins.  18" x 24"

Mayon Volcano from Terraced Rice Field in Manito, Albay.   24" x "30".  More info.

Mayon Volcano With Manito Pier and Bamboo Bridge. 18" x 24"

Boracay Sunset. 24" x 30". sold

Philex Mines from High School. 29" x 47".  sold.  blogged by buyer here

Mayon Volcano with 7 Cows. 39" x 70".  Commissioned

Mt. Mayon, Manito River & the King of Fishers. solddetail vid here

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