Crippled Heart?

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In yesterday's Mabini’s letter to Blanchard -, Philippine News for Filipinos,  Ambeth Ocampo wrote about one of my favorite Filipino heroes -- Apolinario Mabini, the "sublime paralytic", one of the greatest, wisest and most honorable thinkers of the era.   

Ocampo quoted from Mabini's letter to an American woman, Miss Blanchard:
“You are a true Filipina by heart and feelings and so I love and admire you... I appreciate the American women in their culture and independent habits which render them utterly helpful workers to the aggrandizement of womankind." 

Naks! :-)  The man whom I thought was all brains and noble deeds had that same soft, little pumping organ that we ordinary mortals have.   Is the letter romantic in nature or just plain formal/professional admiration?  Let's wait for further research from historians like Ambeth.  It would be more exciting had I the tools and the time to figure this out myself.

Thank God for contemporary historians who can soften the bronze busts and stone statues of heroes, who can inform us of the little-known conditions of our heroes' hearts and minds.

Do you want to read one of Mabini's great and enlightening writings?  Click to read the full text of his "The Philippine Revolution" as translated into English by Leon Ma. Guerrero in 1969, hosted by the Austrian-Philippine website.

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