Help! Water Gushing out of Maynilad Pipe

I went around our compound to induce myself to sleep but after hearing loud sounds of flowing water I went to our back gate to investigate.

Investigation led to a call to Maynilad's hotline a few minutes ago and I reported that water was gushing out of their pipe.  Water is not leaking out of their pipe, it is gushing out!   I can't sleep thinking of all that wasted water.  The telephone support staff who answered me gave a reference number and advised me to follow up on my report if nothing has been done within 48 hours.

48 hours?  Wow.  How can I sleep now knowing a lot of Caloocan and Quezon City residents are still struggling with water shortage?

A water pump resting on the concrete pedestal used to be connected to this elbow pipe.  This is a Maynilad pumping station.  The pump was reportedly removed 3 days ago, presumably for repair.  I understand machines bog down and they need repairs but can Maynilad employees at least plug the pipe after removing the pump so we won't lose all this water?  The pipe is 3 or 4 inches in diameter.  Water gushes out several hours a day at X litres per second.  You imagine the math.

I guess Maynilad's leak detection technology can only do manual or scheduled detection of leaks and not water directly flowing out of their open pipes. :-/

Will someone reading this who knows someone from Maynilad make sure that someone who can do something now order someone to do something? :-(  Someone.  Anyone?  Somewhere?  Somehow?

Can someone do that for me?  Now.  Ok, first thing in the morning.  Meanwhile all this precious water is lost to the sewers and the creek.  Tomorrow, residents in Caloocan and Quezon City will continue to hope for rationed water since Angat Dam, despite the recent heavy rains, still hasn't reached it's normal level of 180m.  Tomorrow, 3 days' worth of water that could have been used by water-short city residents will all be in Manila Bay, wasted and polluted.
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