Agreeing with Kobe on Low-Cut Basketball Shoes

Kobe:  when you cut or change directions and your foot is sliding in the shoe you lose valuable seconds... i wanted a shoe that feels kind of the same as the foot itself...

Kobe veered away from high-cut shoes.  I use running shoes when I play basketball for two reasons:  (1)  regular basketball shoes slow me down because of their firm, less flexible forefoot (similar to motion control running shoes) and (2) high top shoes, as Kobe explains, don't provide a snug fit, especially limiting side movement.
The last time I played with "regular" basketball shoes my teammate said I was considerably slower so I stuck with my running shoes and right now I'm happy with my new pair of NB neutral cushion shoes. :-)  I anticipate, however, that as the forefoot padding wears off the leaping comfort will also decline.  Right now running on the court feels so sweet although my fall and injury last night may be attributed to low ankle support.

I'm hoping that some company would develop a pair of hybrid basketball and running shoes (highly cushioned heel and  forefoot for jumping and heel-strike running) and neutral cushioned running shoes (soft, bendable forefoot for spring-action running) . This hybrid pair of shoes should have a balance of the running mechanics of the player (overpronation, etc.) and his need for jumping and ankle support.  I also wouldn't mind if the manufacturer calls it the "Aboy Series". :-)

I guess aging, a deteriorating left knee and a concern for better performance are simply calling for the  more scientific-minded athlete in me.

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