Celtics Escape a Possible 0-3 Monster

97-81. Boston Celtics.  That's more like it.

It was a difficult-to-watch first half.  Especially when Miami reversed an 11 point 1st quarter lead -- with Lebron and Wade relaxing on the bench and Rey Allen with 3 fouls.  I thought, imagine the second half when the two step on the gas.  Well, they didn't.  They couldn't.

Listen to coach Doc:  give the ball to KG. Great decision. KG = 28 pts & 18 rebs. compared to game 1's measly 6 pts.  Green contributed a lot.  Pierce finally finished a game (didn't finish games 1 & 2) and made 27 points.  Oh and yes, Rondo went back to the game with an injured elbow, playing with a dangling left arm.  Two threes from D. West kept the green light on at the first half.  Miami came back before the end of the 1st half  but Boston cruised at the 2nd half.  Just as it should be.

Good all-around game from the C's and contributions from West, Green and the two O'neals.

Now take it from this momentum, play with confidence and tie the series.  Miami will be a force in the coming years.  Make this year yours, one more time.

I see light at the end of the tunnel but the tunnel still stretches to game 4.

The three other series:  Lakers' run for a three-peat almost at its end with 0-3 to the Mavs (Mavs = monsters);  Memphis 2-1 against Oklahoma (what a series!); Chicago 2-1 over the Hawks

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