Silver & Gold I Have None, But...

In this verse Peter and John were faced with a situation where a man, lame from birth, was begging alms outside the temple.  Owing to the fact that the two apostles didn't have material wealth, they gave the man something that was not monetary; something far greater than what the man expected, something that only a Being of immense power, creativity, compassion and love can give.  They made him walk for the first time in his life.

I was given the awesome wealth of silver and gold in a span of 45 minutes -- a silver and a golden sky in less than an hour.  Because I don't have personal wealth to share, in the spirit of the Bible verse above (though not according to it's main context), I share these photos to you.  I never tire of looking at these photos.  The second photo has been my log-in screen image for the longest time.  These were taken a year and a month ago in my father's town of Manito, Albay.  

I get to see a beach once or twice a year only and these are not among the famous beaches in the Philippines.  Most often than not, I only visit this same place and this same spot, a few minutes walk from our house.  Just click the images to enjoy the scene for yourself.  You may use the pics if you want.  Attribution to this site is enough. 

The sky and sea were silver for a few minutes before it turned gold in the photo below.
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Mayon volcano's base is on the right background while Lignon hill and the Sleeping Lion hill of Legazpi City are on the left.

An accompanying post with my thoughts on the second photo is linked here.


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