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Remember that old TV show that always started or ended with a creepy voice-over on a forest scene getting enveloped by darkness?  Remember how you don't want to get frightened by the horror and the suspense but you still felt pulled by the curiosity of how that night's story will end?  I would feel that way if I were playing against, or cheering against, this power forward's team in this 2011 NBA finals.

After games 1 to 4 I was decided Nowitzki is THE man of the series, regardless of who eventually wins the championship.  How his team can win come-from-behind finals games seemingly AT WILL and against a team with three young superstars is just unbelievable.  Look at all those clutch and cold 3-pointers, spins, lay-ups, dunks, and fade-aways from game starters right down to the game clinchers -- all with an injured finger tendon and with a 38.3C fever in game 4.

And now they just took win # 3.  I hope they don't end up like Boston last year with a 3-2 lead coming from  3 home games and losing the last 2 games of a best of 7 series on Miami soil.

Again, regardless of how this series ends, tales of the post-regular season Dirk shall continue to spread far and wide as fear for this literal and figurative giant creeps across the dark forest of the finals.  Miami, be afraid.  Be very afraid.  You can either stand in fear or rise up to the challenge of two more 4th quarters.  

I'm still a Boston fan but in the meantime I feel increasingly sucked into the Dirk side. :-)
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