First Yellow House Entry: Drawings and Paintings from Upper Rock Quarry

What is my Yellow House?  Read here.

September 6, 2000
3:10 PM, Wednesday

Going to start art journal here.  I don't want to crowd my regular journal with these thoughts.

I haven't started reading for the exam in Sales yet.  I spent the afternoon making a drawing of the houses at Upper QM.  I used pastel on felt paper.  I'm enjoying that surface -- finally able to use white -- pure delight!

Houses at Upper QM. Oil Pastel

I've already finished one self-portrait but two landscapes are still unfinished.  Yellow felt paper is very conducive.  I'm going to buy dark blue felt when the rains stop and the moon's out.  I intend to do a night pastel of the city. [blue felt good, but not excellent.  only one good work in blue felt -- night still life. April 30, 2001]

This house (of Kuya Ellis) in Upper Rock Quarry gives me so much to paint.  Everything around's a motiff!  I hope I could paint all I see -- Naguilian Road area in the west, City Hall and MOunt Crest in the North, the Cathedral in the east and houses & buildings everywhere!  [I didn't really get to paint these during my stay at Upper Rock Quarry but I was able to make quick drawings before I moved.  Below are some of those drawings. Sorry for the blurry images. Aug. 3, 2011] 

Baguio Downtown with Cathedral.  This was my first crack at acrylic paint on stretched canvas

The Baguio Cathedral

Baguio City Hall and Mount Crest

Saint Vincent and Naguilian Road area

University of Baguio in middle ground and Aurora Hill in the background

What is my Yellow House?  Read here.
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