Painting on My Birthday

My wife and I were born August 11 and 12, respectively.  Last year we celebrated our birthdays at the Seven Suites hotel observatory in Antipolo because the yearly Perseid meteor showers usually peak from August 11-13.  Aside from watching the meteor showers last year we also had the privilege of viewing the planet Jupiter with four of it's satellites through the hotel-observatory's new telescope.  Unfortunately, the resident astronomer wasn't too excited to allow me to mount my camera on the telescope so I had to content myself with my own digital drawing.  Below is a the result of my quick digital drawing.   What's so amazing, aside from the joy of seeing Jupiter through a telescope, is the privilege of seeing what appeared to be a lunar eclipse on Jupiter! :-)

Philex Mines as Seen from the High School Area

Tonight won't be a good stargazing night because of the clouds and the bright moon.  Today I spent my birthday a year after last year's hotel stargazing and after the Museum visit two days ago (blog and photos here), by simply staying home and paint.  I [almost :- )] finished  a painting of Philex Mines as seen from our High School.  I painted it with the deepest greens I could make so it would look like it's a scene after a quick soothing rain.  Rain always makes greens greener and reds more red, making everything look so fresh and new, the way I always want to remember the Cordillera mountains.  I love it.   Happy Birthday to me!

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