Independence Day with Fernando Amorsolo

After Amorsolo's 1929 painting "Rice Planting".  9" x 12 ". Acrylic on canvas board.

What better way to spend  today's rainy Independence Day indoors than making 2 quick and loose copies from the country's  first National Artist, Fernando Amorsolo?

 The first painting above is after "Planting Rice ca. 1929" and below (unfinished) is a nude from 1959.  These are both based on prints from a coffee table book given to us by a friend.  I just freely altered the colors based on my preference for pure, saturated and high contrasts.

After Amorsolo's 1959 "Nude".  12" x 9". Acrylic on Canvas.

I just wish the National Museum will have at least one of Amorsolo's rice field paintings.  The Amorsolo gallery in the museum doesn't feel complete without this.

Read this post if your interested to know more about why Amorsolo is my favorite Filipino artist and why I believe he deserves his stature in Philippine art.

Yellow House # 18
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