Selling Soon-to-be-Finished Paintings

Friends and others who visit our house have been asking if I sell my paintings.  My standard answer:  "yes when they get finished", which is like saying "never".

Now I realize I can only finish them if I sell them.  So here are works for sale in various unfinished states.  Purchasing them gives me the opportunity to obtain materials and will motivate me to spend more time on working on them.

Send me a private message at <voyager3blog{at}> if you are interested.

Thank you for helping these pieces find a chance to be completed. :-)

I will also start accepting commissioned works.  Just send me a pm at the same address above so you can tell me what subject and size you want.

24" x 30"

26.5" x 30.75"

18" x 24" 

16" x 20"

15.75" x 20"

29" x 47".  Blogged about this here.

24" x  30".  Blogged about this here

24" x 30".  Blogged about this here.

26.5" x 31".  Blogged about this here.



  1. Really awesome paintings!!! What is the style by the way? I've been told to visit website which specializes on painting reviews as well, but i am not sure if this is the style I mean.

  2. Thanks! I don't actually know what style this may be called but I am a fan of, and try to incorporate French Impressionism and the post-impressionism of Paul Cezanne, Van Gogh and Paul Gauguin.


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