Bon Jovi, Jeff Buckley and the Original Cohen "Hallelujah"

I'm the kind who loves original song versions most of the time.  Singer, song-writer, poet, novelist Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" is one of the exceptions.  Below are three versions I love.

The first is Bon Jovi's mild rock interpretation mixed with a soothing violin.

The second is Jeff Buckley's popular version, prompting Rolling Stone to list it among the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.  This is the studio version from his only album "Grace".  Buckley is one of the highly acclaimed singers who died young (drowning).  This version became popular again after it was sang on AI.

The third video is from Leonard Cohen himself.

All three versions retain the familiar, gentle bass lines.

This post is about the music.  It's not an invitation to argue which version is better or about its theological underpinnings (Cohen is Jewish) like are there really different kinds of hallelujahs -- the holy and the broken?

Just listen and feel.  Understand with your ears and your heart.  Let your mind just relax for a while.

For you, my young singer-songwriter friends and readers.  Learn.  Learn how to really "write" songs.

Bon Jovi

Jeff Buckley's studio version

Leonard Cohen

I hope you enjoyed this the same way I did.

Good night.


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