Free English And Computer Tutorials

We immediately promoted once-a-month FREE computer and English grammar tutorials after recently opening a computer center adjacent to the Community College of Manito (CCM).

We want a small number of learners per batch so can really attend to their needs.  My wife who loves teaching young people was in charge of the English tutorial while I taught in the computer and MS Word formatting class.

The first English tutorial batch was attended by graduating BS Education English majors and one male elementary education major.  They are eager to attend the follow up sessions after we start the 2nd separate batch this month.

My wife enjoying what she's doing

We also conducted the first batch of computer lessons two weeks after the first English tutorials this August.  This is a practical course on computers and Word processing for academic use.  I've been teaching this same short course to international graduate students in Quezon City the past few years.   Most of the first batch attendees are current CCM students.  Two of them are recent graduates.  The first batch felt they needed to immediately learn more and even offered to pay for follow up sessions so they wouldn't have to wait for the next sessions of the free tutorials.

We believe both the English grammar and computer tutorials will help students in their current studies and in their future careers.  This is also in line with HARNESS Philippines' goal of producing competent and behaviorally dependable workers.  This will help build their lives, the institutions they will be connected with, and the country in general.

The 10mm grills are not pretty but they lessened our construction expenses.

Our generator was not strong enough to sustain PCs and the DLP projector so I had to be a little more creative.  

Hopefully students won't need to spend their family fortune for college education and related training in the cities.  We pray that the computer center will prosper so we could continue providing quality services in this remote but beautiful town of Manito, Albay.



  1. We must learn English for our career and especially for learning IT

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    1. True, learning English is important for our career and learning IT. Wishing all the best for your TOEFL exam centre.


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