Tracing Surname Origins Part 3: The Daen Clans

The image above traces the roots of our Daen family name down from our line up to the Unknown Daen who probably chose this surname in 1849 when the Claveria Decree ordered natives to chose from a list of 60,000+ surnames in the Catalogo Alfabetico de Apellidos.

This also tries to present the origin of the 4 Daen clans, namely the "Mayaman", "Lawaan", "Padulot", and "Pusiw" clans.

The Claveria decree, the Daen natives of Manito, Albay, and the clan names were initially presented in Part 1 of this series:  Tracing Surname Origins:  Daens of Manito, Albay.

Part 2 of the series focuses on my Grandfather who is from the Lawaan clan.

I built the tree based on the work of our cousin Manny Reyes Daen, Jr. of the Pusiw clan who has put together a clear tree from conversation with their dear father, Manuel Leoderes Daen, Sr.  The tree above concludes from what he and their sources say that the Daen clan names started from three (3) brothers (Benito, Timoteo and Francisco) and their first cousin (Pedro).

Manny R. Daen, Jr.'s tree puts Generoso ? Daen (1842-1912) as the father of Pedro Daen (the first Pusiw). 

On the other hand, my mother traced the name of Mariano Daen from the archives of the local parish as the father of the brothers Benito, Timoteo and Francisco.  That makes Generoso and Mariano brothers and their sons first cousins who were given the clan names ("bansag" in Filipino).

Again the clan names or "bansag" in Filipino or "lulu" in Bicol are:

Mayaman both in Bicol and Tagalog means rich, wealthy or abundant in something

Padulot hard to translate but it can literally mean "to stick"

Lawaan = a tall tree; also used to describe people who are tall or long-limbed

Pusiw = a small bird; although as pointed out by Manny Reyes Daen, Jr., they are actually the tallest among the clans.  This makes the clan names more intriguing.

This post is intended to:

1.  Help the Daens trace their origins and help us work to fill every branch of the tree in the future.

2.  Understand and discover the application of the Claveria decree in Manito, Albay

3.  Help my students in History at the Community College of Manito appreciate the study of history and understand primary and secondary sources of history as they work on their own family tree projects.

Should any Daen find any information about a Daen older than Mariano and Generoso or if you are a Daen who still could not trace your clan out of the four then please contact me or Manny R. Daen, Jr.  It will be much appreciated and will enrich our knowledge of who we are, or at least from whom we came from.

As I wrote in Part 1 of this post.  It is still not crystal clear how our ancestor got our family name since "Daen" is not in the 1842 catalogue but "Daep" and "Daet" are.

Thanks for your patience if you read through all three parts of this series.  I hope this helped you.


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