Molting Gecko At The Back of the House

I'm aware that snakes molt and shed their skin.  I forgot that geckos do likewise.

Very late post.

Above is a molting gecko at the back of our house.  Below is another one I saw on our roof a couple of years back.  As it sheds its skin, the molting gecko's color is dull, unlike the color of its mouth and of the one in the second photo.  The creature looked so weak and lethargic.  I don't know if molting has other effects on them.

Ma doesn't like the sound they make but I'm happy seeing them around at night, knowing it's a sign our environment here in Manito, Albay is still conducive for creatures like them.

A close-up I posted on my long-inactive Flickr account.  Check it out.  It looks much better full screen on a black background.



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