Congratulations to the Pioneering Batch of Manito's Time!

The community newspaper we started last year celebrated with our first graduates last night.  It was fun and meaningful.

We are so blessed and proud of our seven graduates who finished at the top of their class.  Not only are they intelligent and dependable but they are also very talented.

In their creative formal beach wear. :-)

Glorilyn, reading her history of Manito's Time.  She graduated from our community college with the highest honor in its young history

My wife, Nerissa, who was our chief cook and MC

The school's student council president entertaining the graduates and serving as one of their drivers. :-)

Let me share this joyful memory with all of you, our friends and family who believed and supported us as much as we believe in the potentials of our students/ graduate from the community college.

We hope and pray that they become successful as they learn to find and live by their moral compass.  We are so privileged to have them as our pioneer writer/reporters and editors.  They continue to be our volunteers as they push on toward their future.  

We believe that we can help our poor community develop sustainably through relevant and responsible information through young people like our recent graduates.

You may visit and support us through our Facebook page:

Thank you for believing in them.  Thank you for believing in us!

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