Two Thought-Provoking Facebook Posts on Two Named Police Generals

Original Facebook post here.

More rumormongering?  Perhaps.

President Duterte's public announcement on Police Generals reportedly involved in drug syndicates in the Philippines has caused a lot of stir.  And just like everything about Duterte, it has polarized opinions.  One pole is full of praise and the other cries lack of evidence and public humiliation.

Two posts via Facebook has captured my imagination today.  The first coming from a "Lapu-Lapu" account (first image on this post), about General Pagdilao and the former DILG Sec. Jesse Robredo (husband of VP Leni Robredo).  It is the stuff of conspiracy theories, presenting scintillating questions and coincidences.

If true, then Jesse Robredo did not only die leaving a legacy of genuine public service but he also died an unsung hero in the country's battle against drugs.  

This controversy was reported by the major news agencies including ABS-CBN and Rappler.

In sum, it flows thus:

1.  Sec. Jesse Robredo was in the thick of an investigation of Presidential friend and DILG Sec. Puno and some Police officials including General Pagdilao;

2.  Sec. Robredo suddenly dies in a plane crash;

3.  Four days after his death, Puno (and the story says, Pagdilao) wanted to access the decedent's condo unit;

4.  Wife, Leni Robredo asks for increased security to protect documents (presumed to be containing information on the investigation) that Puno tried to access;

5.  Lapu-Lapu Facebook account owner connects the dots;

6.  Public starts to wonder was it really an accident?

Is this only a product of someone else's creative mind or is a patriot's ghost finally rising from the grave?

Karma is a bitch: Gwen Garcia says Garbo stopped PNP from launching all-out war against drugs

The second post from the Facebook feed today is from about another high profile incident involving another Police General in the Duterte list and a Congressional Representative from Cebu.  Like the Robredo post, this is another "realization" stemming from encounters a couple of years ago.

The article which provides an embedded Facebook post of Cebu Representative Gwendolyn Garcia who is now connecting the dots and pointing back to her experience with one of the Police Generals in the Duterte list.

If the first post above sounds like the stuff of a conspiracy theory then this one partakes of a rise and fall plot, the kind where one who is on top at a point in history takes his turn underneath.

In brief the plot reads:

1.  Then Cebu Governor Gwendolyn Garcia launches war against drugs;

2.  She asks for the cooperation of the PNP, PDEA (anti-drug agency), and the Military

3.  Police General (then bearing a single star only) refuses and says drugs are not the concern of the police (If this is true, then I really have to say this -- Wow!)

4.  Garcia is suspended by the President (Aquino) for what she says is a patently illegal order, was implemented by the same General whom she had a strong verbal altercation involving her anti-drugs campaign.

5.  Garcia quotes the General, "You'll have to understand, Ma'am. I'm working for my second star." 

6.  The General (Garbo) then gets promoted and recommended by losing Presidential candidate Mar Roxas (who denounced ties with the 5 Police Generals) for a position as National Chief but was eventually not chosen by President Aquino.

7.  After the Duterte announcement on the 5 Generals, Rep. Garcia connects the dots.

These may all be untrue.  Yet they may also be true.  Was P. Duterte wrong in publicly naming the Police Generals?  Did he even have proof or basis for his public announcement?  

Let's wait, pray and talk about the issues as they unfold in the coming days and weeks.

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