Manito's Time Manila Tour 2015

At the National Museum, with my mother who taught me the value of educational trips when she was still teaching

  • My wife and I started a tri-lingual community newspaper with student writer-reporters.  We hope to help our poor town develop through quality and responsible information that ordinary people can understand.  We also hope to develop critical thinking and belief that young people can take an active role in the development of our community.  Visit and like our Facebook page or read blog posts about Manito's Time.
Part of our goal and prayer is to help educate our student writers through trainings and exposures such as educational tours.  Most of them haven't traveled beyond our town or province.  We hope that experiences like these will help them realize there are so many things to learn from the outside world -- that our poor community needs a lot of changes and that young people like them can start working for these changes.

Below is a poem from one of our students narrating last year's tour of Manila.  Our deepest thanks once again, for all of you who supported us financially and in prayers!

by:  Richard Mark Mabelin*

On the first day of our trip
We didn’t fall asleep
We went to Intramuros,
The home of mighty heroes

Fort Santiago in Intramuros

That time I was amazed
Never imagined Ill reach that place,
A place in our country
With a big contribution to our history

We went to San Agustin and Manila Cathedral
The oldest of them all
With many sculptures
From the Christian culture

Manila Cathedral

We also visited Casa Manila
Where we met Ate Crystal
She introduced herself to us
And shared the Word of God

Casa Manila is now a museum
Heritage house of an elite person
It was mostly made of wood
But the condition is still good

with ate Crystal at the Casa Manila

We visited Luneta at dawn
And saw Rizal’s statue and tomb
We also captured the dancing fountain
With it’s water like pouring rain

Luneta Park

On the second day of our trip
We woke up early at six
We were to visit UP Diliman
That is famous for their Oblation run

UP Diliman

It was noon when we arrived
And met Kuya Jeff and Kuya Lester
They also introduced themselves
And told us about their past experiences

Around the campus we roamed
And captured the Oblation statue
Some went to Vargas Museum
While some chose to walk around

Next stop is Ayala Museum
Where we attended Ambeth Ocampo’s lesson
I listened to him the whole lecture
And realized he’s a good speaker

Ayala Museum

He taught about history
Most interesting was “The Three Little Pigs” story
He presented a video
And said that a story has many points of view

With author/Historian Ambeth Ocampo after his lecture at the Ayala Museum

Next stop is Trinoma mall
There we had a walk
It was so huge
And it amazed me

I and my friends went to Timezone
We played games all along
The girls stayed outside
And stayed there until midnight

On the third day of our trip
There I felt so sleepy
But I still had to wake up
To arrange my things and pack

Before we went outside
Sir Aboy prepared a session
Wherein we played “Pinoy Henyo”
And we shared everything we learned

Sharing lessons learned from the Manila Tour

We went to the mall
And watched the movie “Heneral Luna”
It is the story of Gen. Antonio Luna
And the war against America

He is a boastful person
Yet a skillful general
Because of his personality
He was betrayed and killed brutally

Before we went to the bus terminal
We ate first at Mang Inasal
My eyes almost dropped
Coz of the unli rice they offered

There we met Kuya Jason
The bass guitarist of Silent Sanctuary
He gave us copies of their latest album
And we took photos with him

Foreground left:  Silent Sanctuary bass guitarist, Jason Rondero

As I sat inside the bus
There was one thing I realized
Yes, I am amazed at this place
But I still miss the municipality of Manito

Proud to be a Bicolano
Proud to be a Maniteno

Richard Mark Mabelin and the Bicol diorama at the Ayala Museum

*Richard Mark Mabelin is one of Manito's Time community newspaper's student-writers.  He will finish his BS Education degree from our community college this 2017.

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