Her First Taste of Running Water

Now she can wash dishes with a smile.

          She had her first taste of running water tonight after one year of living in this house.  Look at that smile.  The nights of "Aboy, you went to bed without fetching water AGAIN!" will soon be a thing of the past.  Now, without the ever present pail of water on the counter she also loses her "I don't have enough space to wash and cook."

          That's two less reasons for her to complain.  What can I say?  I'm a happy man.

          It didn't even cost a lot.  Only took the last hour or so before nightfall to finally chip away concrete and paper that temporarily plugged the pipes and assemble a recycled PVC pipe, cheap PVC gate valves, joints and fittings.

          Next project would be to raise our plastic drums so she can have flowing water all day via good old gravity.


         Consider this the continuation of my plumbing career.  Here's the another post about our domestic water woes:  Night Plumbers.

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