Rural Computer Shop on Solar Power

          Thank God (and relatives ), our computer shop has been up and running on solar power the past days. Nerissa's smile compensates for the frustration of 2 weeks without power and still waiting.

          One of the incomprehensible and unacceptable ironies of living in Manito, Albay is that your town hosts a geothermal power plant that supplies the Luzon grid with 140 MW of electric power but the host residents have to deal with constant brownouts, voltages that hardly, if ever, reaches 220 volts, and when there are outages like after typhoon Tisoy, you are one of the least priorities in power restoration.

          The question in our simple minds is why can't we at least connect directly to the plant? What happened to the power plant that was supposedly built to benefit the local community? Don't give us excuses, especially technical ones, since I believe the great minds and skills of our engineers can find ways.

          How can the countryside develop when small businesses have to either waste away waiting for power that is generated out of their own backyard? How can the countryside develop when small businesses, cash-strapped as they are, have to shell out thousands for generators plus fuel, or in our case, solar power?

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