Baril at Ringgilya

Sharing a post from a doctor friend who is serving in the Ilocos Region.

Friends, in times like this, our priority is to serve the nation and the world. The virus does not understand, nor takes sides in the political, religious, or any other spectrum.

 Let us keep our convictions intact because democracy needs and requires it, but for this brief moment, let us focus on sincere joint efforts to kill this virus (so that we humans can survive to revile each other some other less stressful day).

If we do have suggestions, please remember that innuendos or poorly masked sarcasm, no matter how well-intentioned, will not come across as genuine concern.

 Let us be discerning, reasonable, and wise. If you see corruption or any other malpracrice, maybe we can hold it for a few days, unless absolutely necessary.

 But to criticize uniformed personnel, who are equally risking their lives is a disservice to whoever God we serve, and to the nation we swear allegiance to. If soldiers think the way I do, I would rather fight in the jungle where I could at least see my enemy, rather than stand at checkpoints and fight an unseen virus, all while being under-appreciated. 

Again, a big thank you to everyone in the medical field, uniformed personnel (armed and unarmed) and to all the volunteers.

 Sorry, I didn't intend this post to be a long one. Please read my friend's post.


Might as well add this here.

 To the Administration, if allegations about the Chinese still entering the country is true, please stop them if you want more Filipinos to believe your sincerity.

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