Let's not forget him

ARRESTED. Policemen lead Alchie Paray, the hostage taker at the V-Mall, to a waiting vehicle after his surrender on March 2, 2020. Photo by Lisa Marie David/Rappler.    Read whole article at rappler.com

Let's not forget him.

He was offered P1 Million but he refused.

'"Hindi niya tinanggap kasi hindi pera ang kailangan niya eh. Ang kailangan niya marinig lang yung hinaing (He did not accept it because he did not need money. He needed to be heard)," San Juan Mayor Francis Zamora said on Tuesday, March 3, in a press briefing about the incident.'"

The system failed him and continues to fail many others like him.  Yes, what he did was wrong, but the question is, what drove him?  What drives a person to do the unthinkable in a corrupt democratic country where the poor and ordinary citizens are forced to take matters into their own hands?

"Paray recalls being threatened by a Greenhills tenant, 'Sinabi ko sa ’yo hindi ka na tatagal dito'"

For me, and for many others whom I've read in comments in news reports, his grievances seemed believable -- performing one's job by implementing rules and then being punished for doing his job.  This happens all the time.  And this is nothing less than oppression.

The mall should hear his complaint.  If true, then the Mall should blacklist the agency and the tenant.

What happens to him now?  I don't know.  I hope the media and volunteers help him.

Let's not forget Alchie Paray.  He represents millions who feel trapped and pushed to a corner.

Congratulations to the police and to Mayor Zamora for the successful and competent hostage negotiation.

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