We need to preserve our forests to save the Philippine eagle

We need to preserve and regrow our forests so these magnificent birds will survive!  

They are treasures not only of the Philippines but of the world as well, and there are only about 400 pairs left.  Their unique qualities make preservation extremely difficult because they are monogamous and lay only 1 egg in 2 years.  It's endemic to the Philippines, hence, only found here.  Kaya kailangan natin silang protektahan.  The only way to protect them is to stop poaching and preserving their forest range.

"The complete breeding cycle of the Philippine eagle lasts two years. The female matures sexually at five years of age and the male at seven. Like most eagles, the Philippine eagle is monogamous. Once paired, a couple remains together for the rest of their lives."  -- Wikipedia

Watch the video.  I never get tired of watching videos like this.

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