Appreciating Our Scholars' Parents for a School-Year of Journeying with Us


A few weeks ago, we treated the parents of our GAiN-Tiwala Kids and Communities scholars to an early lunch fellowship and celebrated our Parents’ Appreciation Day.   For the past months, we have been meeting with them at least once a month to teach them parenting principles.  


It was a delight to listen to them recall the fun memories they had in our sessions, especially the games and role playing activities.  As busy parents, through the huddle, they are given an avenue to play, laugh, share their daily struggles and learn through our discussions.  A number of  them highlighted that through the huddles, they were able to read the Bible, which they have never done before.


One parent shared that the most important lesson he learned was that everything -- his life and his children -- belong to the Lord.  He has adjusted his parenting style and has learned not to be too strict in treating his son.  His son has also learned to open up to him about his needs and also accompanies him occasionally when they set out to sea for their livelihood.  


Another parent’s biggest lesson was the “sandwich approach” in correcting her daughter.  She is also training herself to stay calm, especially when she is confused or stressed.


To appreciate them, they were each given a ribbon as an award for their participation and as appreciation for all their efforts, not only in attending our huddles but also in trying their best to become better parents to their children.  Some of them received their awards with tears in their eyes.


We concluded our program by giving food packs they can bring to their families.


To our scholars’  parents, we pray that  God would continue to arm you with His strength, wisdom and  love so you could continue to love your families well.  

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