Mayon, Manito River and the King of Fishers

The King of Fishers with Mayon and Manito River.  Acrylic on canvas. 24x36 inches.  Color not reproduced well by ordinary phone camera.

Almost done, in time for our Manito Arts Guild exhibit at the municipal hall next week.  

Nature has always been my antidote for depressing social news. I haven't (at least not yet) succumbed to (Philippine) social realism because until now, Francis Schaeffer's advice to focus on the beauty of God's creation cushions me from news like the abuse of power by public officials. How can our newsfeeds miss that unexplained giant hole dug secretly by a backhoe in the national penitentiary and the at least P12,000 per month rental space for privileged prisoners in the midst of the Percy Lapid murder investigation?  

Kingfisher detail


I love kingfishers.  They are so beautiful and their fishing prowess are really impressive.  I hope our town's environment would be able to escape over exploitation and noise pollution.  I wish and pray.

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