A Christmas Rebuke


I had another Christmas rebuke yesterday, December 23rd.

A group of children caroling in the street followed this man all the way to his car.  My wife and I were curious how he would treat the kids.  We assumed they were bothering him.

After seeing him put his stuff in the back seat and the children still haven't left him, my wife and I were smiling and whispering with curiosity, "Will he give them some amount or finally shew them away?"  In my mind, he was probably going to do the latter.

Then we heard him speak as he started to casually lean on his car, "Ano ba ang blessing na meron sa Christmas?"  (What blessing does Christmas bring?).  He proceeded to give a quick chat about the Christmas message, then he led the kids in prayer.

We sat there unseen and embarrassed (speaking for myself, at least).  Despite sharing the good news of God's love and forgiveness for years, we still find ourselves blind to some opportunities that this season of hope should bring.  

We do forget that what we may perceive as a nuisance, because of the tedious tradition and hassle of the season, should be seen as opportunities to teach the young and the old about the good tidings that the birth of Jesus brings.  

We could only utter a prayer for God's blessing on this man and that these children would grow up knowing and loving Jesus.

Merry Christmas, everyone! 

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