Bamboo Acrylic Painting For Sale

Original acrylic painting of a clump of bamboo.  36" x 24".  

Original acrylic painting of a clump of bamboos for sale.  Almost finished.  PhP 7,000.00. Email me at if interested.

This piece was done during breaks from laboring in our garden.  Painting and working on land go well together, except that constant excessive force left me suffering from a painful Trigger Finger.  Photo below.

Painting the bamboos in the background highlighted breaks from tilling the soil.

"Bamboo stems (culms) prop each other up.  They lean on each other and sway as a single unit with the wind.  Interlocking stems and sometimes thorny twigs may not be pleasant to the eyes but they perform a life-saving function for the whole clump of bamboo during stormy weather.

When we removed most of the old, dying, seemingly ugly and useless stems we effectively reduced the interlocking structures that gives the clump the collective strength to survive even the strongest typhoons..."

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