Shelled Chronicles

It’s been almost a week since I had Batman and Robin, the shelled crusaders.  Red-eared sliders - species that originated from the Southern parts of the US.  Batman and Robin are the two American duos that I could quickly think of.  The turtles are living in our prayer garden’s fountain-pond.  I just watched one of them tonight through a filtered flashlight as he swam from one water plant to another in order to find stems that could support him as he sleeps vertically, head up.  I learned from the past few nights that they prefer to sleep this way at night.  I hardly see them during the day since they immediately dive into the water when disturbed as they bask on the fountain rocks.  The slightest movement from an approaching object drives them into hiding.

I’m so tempted to take them from the pond at night since this is the only opportunity to see and touch them but I think this will disrupt their sense of security in their new-found hideouts.  I’ll take night photos next time.

They have yet to be weighed and their carapace length measured.  I’m hoping to do this on Monday.  I wish I had a transparent tank that’s as large as this pond so I can observe them better.

If Jose were alive today he would have shared this pond with Batman & Robin.  I also keep a soft-shelled turtle on the other side of the pond.  He is not a friendly creature.  His name is Vader.  We found him creeping near our guard house.  He most probably came from Mang Anding’s swamp beside our compound.  He’s the 4th or so soft-shell we found in the area.  One of them was reportedly sold by a construction worker to a Chinese man at the Bayan market.  I wonder if he’s of the same species as the one featured in Kara David’s news story in which I think they erroneously called snake turtle.

I know Vader does not have the protagonist face but he adds value, interest and character to the world of turtles. . . and yes, he bites.  Click pics for larger images.

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