farewell "geocities.com"

In the days before blogging, social networking and media hosting sites maintaining a personal webpage required technical knowledge that the average netizen did not have. I had to apply basic web admin skills to maintain our organization's website.  Then geocities came as a free and convenient alternative for personal webpages.  Geocities' Webpage builder was a great drag and drop alternative to paid apps like (then Macromedia's) Dreamweaver and MS Frontpage.

Now that Yahoo closed geocities I had to move my art archive to Multiply.  Hopefully it stays there without need for future migration until my grandchildren are old enough to see it.  But I can only dream about that as I observe what the internet offers now and what it has in store.

If somebody would only combine the best of facebook, flickr, multiply and blogger/wordpress, then I'll be happy managing a single account.  Facebook provides great interface for real-time social networking.  Yahoo's Flickr hosts the greatest photo-sharing and commenting features.  Multiply hosts more space for still images, plus it allows cross-posting of blogs.  Blogger allows html editing of blog layouts.  Wordpress allows uploads of document files.  You log in to Blogger with your Gmail account.  You log-in to Flickr with your Yahoo account.  You log in to Facebook with any email account... and so on...  I haven't even mentioned Friendster where I still have a lot of active young contacts.   Ahhhh.

Anyway, I just hope the invisible hand of the internet does not kill multiply the way it did geocities so my images would continue floating in one of those servers out there.

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