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While this online application allows me and so many others to prove other surveys wrong, the sad thing is that this may just be a sad reflection of voter demographics.

I've talked with, and heard from, helpers and laborers who will have a different voting pattern.

Their voices are not heard here because they are not capable of internet access and they are busy harvesting rice, carrying coconuts on foot from mountains, driving tricycles and hammering away in construction sites... They are not the majority in the internet but they are the majority in the polling precincts.

It took a while for me to weigh all the candidates and read and think through issues.  Two days more before the big election day.  I pray that citizens will make informed decisions.  
It's sad that not everyone have the time, willingness and capability to make informed decisions.  It's sad that the first automated elections may end up questionable, especially since there are people who are determined to use any means, even ignite fires of unrest, in order to meet their desired selfish ends.

We have a candidate who has a good name but does not have a good track record on his back, and whose good name owes much to his inherited name, whose mother had to die so he could be propelled to the top government post in the land.

We have a candidate who is still popular in the grassroots, convicted and pardoned but campaigns without admitting any wrongful act.
We have a candidate who maybe highly qualified and trustworthy but seems to have been abandoned in the middle of nowhere by allies.  This is a very promising statesman.  He is a man to watch.
We have a candidate who doesn't know when to give up, who is a great speaker but has recently seemed to have lost the gift of listening.
We have a candidate who built a name for himself, who does not belong to the traditional political mold of coming from a wealthy political family but has been thrown all sorts of trash from people who, in the final analysis, simply could not accept that one can rise from the ranks, amass wealth and have the desire to serve. 

We have a candidate who brings everything important to the table but who has not stooped to become popular, and may be reaping the results. 

We have a vice-presidential candidate who nobly bowed in favor of someone who is not as capable and proven as he is.  This man may experience the greatest personal loss as the other out-of-poverty candidate has gained a growing number of support in the most recent survey.
Despite all these I will trust in the electoral process.  I will trust in the sovereignty of the people and the constitution.  I will put my hope not in the messianic promises of any of the candidates but in the Sovereign will and heart of our Lord.  God can turn anything around for good.  It's just sad that we may wait another six years for this to happen if the wrong person sits in Malacanang.

I could only hope that somehow, sometime, the lives of those who labor under the heat of the El Nino sun will improve enough that they can, in the future, participate in the likes of the online voting that I just participated in.

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