Rain, Rain Don't Go Away

Before Jars of Clay, there was the Christian band PFR.  PFR = Pray for Rain.
Here's the beautiful chorus lyrics that blends with the sweet vocals and rhythm of their song "Great Lengths":
why didn't i go to such great lengths to 
try to please You 
instead i tried to please myself
in the end when your heart is broken
i see the folly of trying to please myself

Listen to the audio below and you'll love PFR.  Sige na! :-)  I get so excited and happy whenever I listen to this song.  I feel like I just listened to a beautiful song for the first time.

Here's another PFR favorite, "The Love I Know"

PFR's Great Lengths tour would introduce a new great Christian Band, Jars of Clay. :-) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PFR
The Jars of Clay hit "Flood" was used in a Morgan Freeman/Christian Slater movie "Hard Rain".  I think that is the last movie I watched at Session Theatre, Session Rd., Baguio City.

Here's the song "Flood" and the "Hard Rain" movie poster.

Hard Rain (film)Image via Wikipedia

Enjoy the rainy season while you can!  Welcome the rains but pray they don't get so hard that they would bring another Ondoy. 

Time to get back to work and prepare for tomorrow's sermon. :-)  A blessed day to you!
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