Murder in Ideologies and Beliefs

Photo from Yahoo News Philippines
Yesterday's EDSA bus bombing delivered another heart-breaking national blow.  The article from this yahoo ph news link describes the victims of the bus bombing.

How I wish people would realize that  no ideology, philosophy or set of beliefs -- religious or otherwise -- should ever justify the murder of innocent commuters.  Anyone who adheres to any form of emotional, political, mental or social belief should wake up upon seeing co-adherents promote, participate in, or condone such acts.

Killing innocent, defenseless commuters is murder.  Victims are not mere collateral damage.  No ideological, ethical or moral juggling justifies it.  Murder is the lowest and vilest means of promoting or protecting a set of beliefs.  It is the means by which  an individual or group of persons shouts attention to its dying creed.  It also betrays its own value and worth.

The honorable ideology or religious belief I will adhere to is one that does not pull murder out of its tool box.  It is one that has a leader who would rather die for others -- even for his enemies, rather than commit murder.

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