Final Push at School Year's End

Busy!  Busy!  Busy!

Admin tasks from March to April:

  • preparations for graduation - gym, stage, accoustics, etc.
  • preps for next school year's Freshmen Integration Training
  • preps, repairs, and clean up of dorm units to be vacated by graduating students
  • preps for graduation banquet
  • preps for school 30th anniversary celebration
  • preps for dedication of new building
  • preps for alumni homecoming
  • preps to house 100+ alumni in campus
  • setup of 2 new conference rooms - furniture, chairs tables, sound system, computer and presentation system, etc.
  • preps and furnishing of 8 new guest units
  • bldg projects in progess:  faculty housing and conference center, computer center and family life renovation, Petra Foundation room renovation, extension of guard house and centralization of 4 automatic fire alarm systems, installation of LH dorm automatic fire sprinkler system, improvement of grounds landscaping (football field, main building grounds, prayer garden, faculty housing), upgrade of ALC 105 and 402 conference rooms (repainting, lighting improvement, window blinds upgrade and airconditioning upgrade), lighting upgade of 1st and 4th floor main building CRs
  • working on relations with informal settlers to clear a secondary access st. in the future
  • looking for new housing coordinator
  • studying options for additional building and general admin staff
  • working on continued safe, healthy and secure environment for entire international school constituents
  • working on improved systems for school registration, payroll management, student scholarship steward monitoring, system for improved delivery and monitoring of  computer, maintenance, housing, property, supplies, office, classroom, and recreation functions
Upcoming - renovation of library building third floor, construction of fire escape/entrance stairs of library building, construction of laundry area for men's dorm

All these on top of daily administration function.  Keywords:  manage, plan, execute, monitor, adjust, improve...

Need to continue to effectively manage people, time, functions, working relationships within and among the four sub-teams in our Administration team.  Need to keep team morale high.  Exert and encourage more supervision and direction of teams while empowering individuals at the same time.  Poor supervision and leadership equals staff ineffectiveness and inefficiency.  Tasks will not be completed on time and when they're completed, results are not satisfactory or at par with expectations.  This leads further to supervisor and worker frustrations and waste of precious time and resources.

My dear Admin team leaders, I hope you read the related article below on the "Prep, Do, Review" Technique.  Following this technique will help us get rid of problems like we encountered today such as:

1.)  the staff who went out with me to buy electric fixtures will not have to re-compute or re-count the required number and specs at the store itself;

2.) staff will not be forced to work overtime until midnight because they are re-doing what they already did but failed to do it properly.

Proper supervision coupled with managed delegation and maximum use of available resources -- people, technology and systems will lead us to our promised land -- all the above tasks will be satisfactorily accomplished within April and all members of the team will be tired but will end the month with feelings of satisfaction -- mentally, spiritually, physically and socially fit for the following month's round of new tasks

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