Life Should Be a Beach - Karin Jurick

This unusually cold summer made me almost forget it's beach time for a lot of folks.  The painting collection captures the fun and colors of summer on the beach.  Watch the clip in full screen and enjoy the California sun music.  The video does not permit embedding so you'll just have to click your browser's back button to return to this blog.

How could I NOT envy someone who can paint at will in this, her so-called "little studio"?

Here's the link to the painter's About page:

I once had the privilege of my own little studio back when I could not afford to buy paint and canvas.  Now that I can afford to buy some tubes and canvas I no longer have space for a studio nor time to learn some skills and play with the brush.

Maybe someday...  I hope not in the far distant future...

NOTE:  I came across Karin Jurick from  You may want to check out other artists from the site.

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