The Future in Remembering the Departed

Punk Marketing

First St. Peter Life Plan and Chapels, the "DeathCare experts", introduced the eBurol (on-line viewing of a wake).  Then they came up with  eLibing (on-line viewing of the last night of the wake and the actual interment).  Very creative of them.  They're so in tune with technological advancement and the Filipino culture of paying respects, and trying as long as we can to hold on to, our dearly departed.

This elicits different responses from almost disbelief from this blogger to approval from this site and humorous other suggestions from this blogger.

It seems that the only thing St. Peter will not dare try after eBurol and eLibing is  *drum roll* -- eMbalsamo.  Any interested takers out there?
.St. Peter eBurol & eLibing


  1. "eMbalsamo" FTW! This really cracked me up. haha

    What's with the "e" fad anyway? Seriously.

  2. I even forgot to mention "eChat -- ngayon, makakausap mo na ang mahal mo..." :-)

    The reason for the "e" fad? "eWan" ko.


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