It's Gonna be a Wild 2nd Round Playoffs

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After an amazing 1st round knock-out of the league leader Spurs, the result of the first games of the 2nd round are:

Heat surprises Boston
Memphis stuns OKC,
Dallas edges Lakers,
Hawks upset Bulls.

This is gonna be a wild 2nd round!!!

Boston is wobbly so I thought it'll probably be a Lakers-Heat/Chicago championship; but if things keep going the way they're going then I may not even be surprised if it all ends to an "unlikely" Atlanta-Memphis matchup. Woohoo!!! :-).  Though I'm sure those so itching for a 3peat, like my dear female friend here, would LOUDLY object. :-)  Head over to her blog and be amazed at how hard core a Laker she is, and how deep and great she is in the NBA and sports-writing. :-)

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