Lost Pastels & Acrylic Replacement (Yellow House #8)

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March 6, 2001
1:55 PM

I just finished a small pastel of Mt. Crest and City Hall on a rainy day [this copy is lost. Aug. 5, 2011].  The picture is very green and red, showing how the rain refreshes everything.  I just used white and yellows to show reflections of light on wet surfaces.

I'm almost finished with my first large pastel, almost 22 inches square.  It should have been bigger but I cut 6 inches from the felt paper. [This was a large still life on orange felt cartolina.  A result of our painting sessions and was framed by Ma in Bicol, humidity destroyed it.  I still grieve this loss.  I loved the way I rendered the flowers and the tablecloth :-(  Aug. 5, 2011]

I started with a picture of the 2 radars at Mt. Sto. Tomas (Mt. Cabuyao) from Dominican Hill, behind the abandoned Diplomat Hotel more than a month ago.  I was not able to continue it yesterday because the spot where I started making it is being occupied by construction workers. [This was not finished and is also lost. Aug 5, 2011]

This was a later (acrylic) painting in lieu of the lost oil pastel from Dominican Hill.  This acrylic was based on a photograph I took from Marcos Highway, below Maryknoll 

A playful sketch of the small painting above

I just started with the view of the houses at City Camp and Camp Allen.  It is very bright, like a glittering gem.  I worked from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM.  I love it.  It's so happy.  I wish I could frame and hang my works.  [This piece is also lost. Aug. 5, 2011]

What is my Yellow House?  Read here.

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