Houses at QM (Yellow House # 4)

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September 21, 2000
3:00 PM, Thursday

It's a pity I was not able to start a new work today.  The forms around are very well defined.  There's no sun.  I should have started something.  I didn't make an attempt because I thought the weather would rapidly swing again after lunchtime.

Such a pity.  I hope tomorrow would be the same -- no fog despite the greyish clouds all over the sky.

I could have done a solid Cezanne today -- no atmospheric effects.

Houses at QM.  oil pastel. The work mentioned in this post is already lost. :-(
I was able to continue my work on the white house at QM.  It's almost through.  The clear atmosphere, void of the glaring sun or transient fog, made me see forms and colors in their solid state.  I realized, after looking at the White House pastel, that the house beside it actually had four water tanks.  I thought it was just a wall, and I've stared at it for more than a hundred times!

What is my Yellow House?  Read here.

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