Clearing Behind the Manito House (Yellow House # 14)

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May 27, 2001
1:15 AM, Sunday
Manito, Albay

I'm going back to Baguio from Bicol today.  I can't bring the oil I made at the back of the house here in Manito.  It's still very wet.  I wish I could work on it more.  Ma will just bring it to Baguio this July.

The clearing is painted in yellow and it feels like I just spilled yellow paint straight from a pale.  The young coconut's leaves are almost as yellow as the clearing.  The foreground is green, with touches of yellow and white to indicate light penetrating the thick tropical vegetation.  There is one chicken with a chick at the foreground and they're dominantly red -- because it's their natural color and it also pulls them closer to the viewer.  There is a red path that leads to the clearing but is unnoticeable because of the grass and weeds -- but it's there under the yellow grass.

There is a small area of toned-down ultramarine sky.  The clearing makes up for the deficiency in sky light.  The sky should be yellowish to be more consistent with the yellow clearing but I chose the diluted ultramarine so the yellow clearing will look brighter.  Dark blue branches and twigs balances the yellows.  I remember Magritte's painting of an inconsistent sky -- the one that shows daylight at the same time as an early evening -- when I look at the clearing and the sky.

Uncle Pep's lot behind our house in Manito, Albay.  Digitally intensified contrast  since the cheap oil paint has already faded on the canvas.


I'm leaving my four art books (on Manet, Monet, Gauguin and Cezanne) so Manoy Allen can use them here.  I'll just copy two quotes for future guidance.

"How do you see these trees?  They are yellow.  Well then, put down yellow.  And that shadow is rather blue.  So render it with pure ultramarine."  -- Paul Gauguin to Serusier, when the latter was painting "The Talisman" in 1888.

"This year I have sacrificed everything -- execution, color -- for style, because I wished to force myself into doing something other than what I know how to do."  -- Gauguin on "The Vision After the Sermon"

--> Eyewitness Art, "Gauguin". 1992.


What is my Yellow House?  Read here.


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