Crocodile Fingers

My finger has evolved into a happy crocodile.  How can one remove the ring without losing neither ring nor finger?


Save a finger or save my wedding ring?  That was a decision I had to make before going to work this morning.

Injuries are part of sports -- even recreational sports, if you're the kind who plays hard every time you're on the court.  Despite obtaining basketball injuries close to my eyes like this I still can't stop playing.  It's one of my main exercises and recreation.

Last night I had another common finger injury from a basketball game.  I hurt my ring finger.  A previous injury on the same finger and the current swelling prevented me from removing my wedding ring.  I had to decide between cutting my wedding ring or allow my finger to die from lack of blood circulation.  Like any other wife, my wife was so restless before we slept and when I woke up.

Now I will call my ring finger "Lolong" in honor of the largest living saltwater crocodile in the world.

Still no crocodile the size of Lolong will keep me from Monday and Wednesday night basketball.  :-)

The swelling prevented me from removing the ring which in turn prevented normal blood circulation

Now I have a wedding ring that needs repair

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