An Afternoon with STP Unplugged

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Watching youtube videos of music that defined your generation is one of the simple yet great treats of occasionally working at home in the afternoon.  This afternoon is one of those moments.

This full video of Stone Temple Pilots' 1993 performance at MTV Unplugged simply takes me back to those early college years.  Listen to the unplugged versions of "Creep" and "Plush" while watching a still "more full-faced" Scott Weiland and you may just agree with me.

Aside from the music, viewers' comments on stuff like drugs and spelling always brings added amusement to the experience and this youtube comment string is not an exception with comments like:

Heroin didn't write one g[------]n song!! But it did breakup a lot of cool bands!!

Napoleon Bonerfart 4 days ago
LOL. You're an idiot. First off, it's heroin, not herion. Second, Jerry Cantrell battled cocaine addiction, Layne Staley battled heroin and lost, and I'm pretty sure it was he who wrote the lyrics for Down In A Hole. You also spelled again wrong and talent wrong. Congratulations on being a complete d[-----]s.
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Original Youtube page at

Sometimes I could waste my time just following strings like these. :-)

A happy day to all of us!


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