Buwis Buhay, Gabay Buhay (Inspiring Teachers of Pegalongan Elementary School)

Watched Sandra Aguinaldo on I-Witness and I am still so inspired and touched with the sacrifices of the teachers who even risk lives to teach Lumads in Pegalongan Elementary School.

This makes me so proud and thankful.  I could only say thank you in behalf of the students they teach and the country they inspire.  These are teachers who are definitely not in it for the money although I still pray that somehow they receive higher pay so they can also provide for their own families.  Aside from imparting knowledge these teachers also spend their own money whenever needed as they not only teach but also help the people earn hard, honest living.  One of them even continue to support two students who will be the first college graduates of the village.

Maraming salamat sa inyo, mga dakilang guro.  Maraming salamat din, I-Witness sa patuloy na pagpapahalaga sa kanila at pagmumulat sa aming mga kaisipan.  Sa pagpapakita ng lawak ng pangangailangan sa ating bansa at sa pagpapakita ng inspirasyong sasagot sa maraming pagkukulang.


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