Ayaw Magpaupo

"Ayaw kasi talaga nila magpaupo" was my wife's text message.  They really don't want to let (their customer) take a seat.

Almost 1 hour and 15 minutes.  That's how long I had to stand in line to make an over-the-counter bank transaction.   No wonder my wife keeps telling me she wants to stay away from this bank and the mall associated with it.   Customers can put up with waiting if it really comes to that, but at least make the experience a little more welcoming and comfortable for them.

The branch only has 6 chairs for at least 50 people transacting over the counter at any given time.  Neither do they have a customer ticketing system so people can at least go and find chairs elsewhere around the mall -- oops I forgot, they don't have chairs around the mall's common areas.

We can put better use for that hour -- read a book, catch up on work, spend time with a loved one; but I guess the greater problem is forcing senior citizens and even persons with disabilities to stand in line for extended periods.

My wife has a chronic illness so she has been benefiting from privileges like visible express lanes afforded to senior citizens and Persons with Disabilities (PWDs).  

The experience becomes more pronounced as one is forced to stand for more than an hour and watch an impressively produced looping corporate commercial on their branch's television showing how the company powers industry, commerce, trade and agriculture.  Honestly, the video is very catchy and and excellently produced.

It's just odd that contrary to their slogan and video advertisement, they can't find ways to make customer transactions more comfortable.  More chairs could simply solve the problem.

Filipinos have endured poor customer service from practically all sectors for such a long time already.  Please do find ways to make your customers feel more welcome and comfortable. 

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