Morning Walks

Morning walks trying to beat the 7:00 AM sun.  She brisk walks and I am forced to just bring my coffee while accompanying her.  I do need exercise but I have a different problem.  My body leaks calories like a punctured oil tanker so she exercises while I simply ponder and watch.

Her medical check-up and lab test this May went really well.  The doctor doesn't even want to see her until November this year.  We will miss seeing her friends during the monthly Lupus clinics at the USTH. 

In the meantime she just needs to pace herself, avoid stress and sun exposure.  Except for rice consumption, she has been very disciplined with her semi-vegan diet for about 14 years already.  She won't have any problems with food here in the province but she still needs to be mindful since her past 2 flares were gastro-related.


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