5 Days Without Electricity Part 2

We're on the second week of rotational brownouts after the 5-day total power outage here in Manito and in Legazpi City.  Still, there are three things we've been doing to cope.

Number 1:  Beat the Heat (see previous post)

Number 2:  Start Working on a Commissioned Painting. 

I work on this commissioned painting during daylight and when the generator is running at night.   Actually, lights powered by the generator is so much brighter than our regular electricity.  This is something I really cannot understand -- that the town hosting the BacMan (Bacon-Manito) Geothermal power plant cannot enjoy continuous or even enough power. 

Anyway, here's the work in progress. 

Boracay Sunset.  Acrylic on canvas.  Work in progress.

Number 3 to be continued in next post...


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