VP Candidate Cayetano in Bandila

Senator Allan Peter Cayetano is one of this elections' interesting VP aspirants.  He seems to answer questions very satisfactorily and distinguishes answers as a public official and as a professing Born-again Christian.  I think he has clearly and intelligently answered the questions.

Some of the questions raised are: 

1.  Relations with China (they favor bilateral talks as against the current administration's preference for multi-lateral talks)
2.  Same-sex marriage
3.  Accountability of leaders like Marcos, Arroyo, Binay and Pnoy
4.  Campaign Ads 
5.  Human rights violations if Duterte wins
6.  Prioirity of fighting crime and drug pushing
7.  Capital punishment 
8.  Anti-political dynasty law (if passed, their family will talk about who will stay in politics; jokingly comments his wife may stay since she's better).

It's also worth noting that it's ok for him to lose the VP race as long as Duterte wins especially since we have seen that he himself seem to have pushed Duterte to run for President.

This confirms my VP shortlist.

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