A Heavy Metal Rocker's "Sound of Silence"

Disturbed's Draiman's version of Sound of Silence

Now, a break from the election fever.

I never thought I would ever really like a version of 'Sound of Silence" other than that of Simon and Garfunkel's.

Was I wrong.  This video came up through a friend's Facebook post so I followed the link to barkvines.com.   Was  I so pleasantly surprised with this version from Disturbed.

As the page writes, many people consider heavy metal music as unsophisticated and heavy metal singers only "growl" and  render lyrics undecipherable.  Well, let David Draiman and Disturbed help us think more about that a bit.

If you love folk music like me but can't stand heavy metal music, give this a shot.  Listen to the clarity of words, vocal range clarity and emotion from start to finish.

Apart from their Jewish connection, Simon and Garfunkel and Draiman also seem to be so politically connected.  Draiman graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Government, Philosophy, and Business Administration degree, thought of finishing Law, but as a wiki article notes, he was most inclined towards Criminal Law Defense but "he could not 'really look at myself in the mirror and say 'I'm going to lie for a living and protect criminals'".

Here I go again, looking at the political side of things.

Let's just click, listen, and enjoy.  This is supposed to be a music blog.

Salamat sa FB post, Erlon Glenn Escultura. :-)


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