Rethinking Modern Education

I agree that we need transformation in the educational system.  The video above argues in verse and drama.  It adds to, or complements, another video I bookmarked years ago from Sir Ken Robinson (Changing Education Paradigms, RSA Animate video below).

As a son of  an elementary school teacher and as a current instructor in a community college, I am more convinced of the need to reform our educational system.  We have labelled millions of people as stupid because they cannot fit the mold we designed for them, a design that still reflects the Industrial Revolution in this age of Information Revolution.  The more we label our students this way, the more we frustrate them and ruin society by developing non-performing citizens.

It's time we think of changing our educational system, even beyond K-12.

The first video mentions the system in Finland and presents photos of development in areas except education.

In the second video, Robinson discusses  the public school system and divergent thinking via RSA Animate.

Please watch both videos.  The world has changed, education has not because people running the system are comfortable with the system that caters to their type of intelligence.

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