America's "Death By China"

          Twenty years ago when I was still in college, some sectors in the country loudly warned against the negative effects of the World Trade Organization (WTO).  They argued that developing/poor countries like the Philippines will not be able to compete, to the detriment of the national economy and the poor farmers.

          In true "world citizenship" and abeyance, the Philippines simply closed its eyes and jumped in the raging uncharted ocean of free trade.  Now, the US, who encouraged Chinese entry into the WTO under the persuasion of a then Democrat President and a Republican Congress, is literally "dying by China".  Now they are reaping the cost.  Not only did their jobs and technology move to China but now they also owe the biggest national debt to the same country.

          Watch this 2012 video for an excellent analysis on the WTO and the American policy on economic "engagement" with China.  America,  through their elected leaders, both Republican and Democrat, has turned over their economy to China and has even paved the way for China's fast militarization.  Ironically, the US is now competing for world leadership against a totalitarian country that they helped build.

          "... they (China) have treated us like fools for doing that, and that's because we have been fools."  -- Dana Rohrabacher. Rep (CA)

          Americans, learn from this.  Non-Americans, especially anti-Americans, do not gloat.  We are all under the same boat on a rapidly shrinking world, both land and resource-wise.

          The video is for Americans especially, but we Filipinos must also think, pray, and learn from this.  We must chart a national economy and foreign policy that will take us to a better future.  May we not get trapped between the rapidly escalating problems between the world's two clashing mountains.  May we not get caught in between, nor should we be pushed to a corner and serve either interests.  Let us wish both of them well but chart a course that will benefit our people.

          I hope under the current Administration we can finally build our own industries using our formerly immense natural resources that we have simply watched decimated for over a century.

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